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HGTV Combinations

HGTV Copper, Fashionable, Lush Gold, Mother, or Neon, Pink Flirt, Purple Genius, Sparkle, Vivid

HGTV Patio Fab Festivities - Neon Treasure

HGTV Home™ Plant Collection
HGTV - Mother Knows Best

Calibrachoa - Tie-dye Nation™ Hot Pink
Verbena - Garden Bauble™ Pink
Geranium - So Amazing!™ Neon
Euphorbia - Stardust Super Flash

HGTV - Neon Treasure
Calibrachoa - Parrot Cove™ Mango
Verbena - Garden Bauble™ Peach
Geranium - So Amazing!™ Neon
Petunia - Sweetunia® Fuchsia Queen™

HGTV - Purple Genius
Calibrachoa - Parrot Cove™ True Blue
Verbena - Empress® Flair Violet
Bacopa - Bahia White
Petunia - Suddenly Suave™ Blue Sky

HGTV - Fashionable Fuchsia
Calibrachoa - Parrot Cove™ Cream
Geranium - So Lovely!™ Pink
Petunia - Sweetunia® Fuchsia Queen™
Verbena - Garden Bauble™ Peach

HGTV - Red Sparkle
Geranium - So Sultry!™ Dark Red
Artemesia - Parfum D'Ethiopia
Petunia - Sweetunia® Hot Rod Red
Euphorbia - StarDust Superflash

HGTV - Pink Flirt
Geranium - So Lovely!™ Pink
Euphorbia - StarDust Pink Shimmer
Ipomoea - Bright Ideas Rusty Red
Petunia - Sweetunia® Bubblelou

HGTV - Vivid Splendor
Euphorbia - StarDust Superflash
Begonia - Valentine Falls™ Orange
Ipomoea - Flora Mia Nero
Lysimachia - Goldilocks

HGTV - Lush Gold
Begonia - Valentine Falls™ Yellow
Coleus - Summer Flame™ Crimson
Ipomoea - Bright Ideas Lime
Euphorbia - StarDust White Flash

HGTV - Copper Glory
Begonia - Clamoring™ Upright Fire
Coleus - Summer Flame™ Amber
Ipomoea - Bright Ideas Black
Lysimachia - Goldilocks

(The names in Blue are the combinations of Patios, Baskets, and Gallons. The varieties below those are the plant components in each combo)

HGTV 1 Gallon Annual UPC: 7-26694-50180-6
(Ships as 6 - Gallon Pots per flat)
HGTV 14" Hanging Basket UPC: 7-26694-50174-5
HGTV 14" Patio Planter UPC: 7-26694-50172-1

Available In:

HGTV Quarts
HGTV Quarts
HGTV Gallons
HGTV Gallons
HGTV 14" Patio Planter
HGTV 14" Hanging Basket

Characteristics & Attributes for HGTV Copper, Fashionable, Lush Gold, Mother, or Neon, Pink Flirt, Purple Genius, Sparkle, Vivid:


  • Full Shade
  • Partial Sun
  • Full Sun

Seasonal Program:

  • Spring


  • Trailing
  • Mounding
  • Upright


  • Blooms all Season
  • Great Foliage
  • Long Blooming
  • Container
  • Hanging Basket
  • Low Maintenance

Attracts Wildlife:

  • Attracts Bees
  • Attracts Hummingbirds
  • Attracts Butterflies

Soil Moisture:

  • Average Water
  • Moist, Well-Drained

Season of Interest (Flowering):

  • Spring
  • Summer

Season of Interest (Foliage):

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Early Color

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2017 HGTV Plant List

2017 HGTV Plant List

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2017 HGTV Plant List with Pictures

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