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Aloha & Hula & Parrot Cove™

Calibrachoa hybrid

Calibrachoa Aloha & Hula & Parrot Cove™ or Million Bells, HGTV

HGTV 1 Gallon, Fab Festivities - Mother Knows Best

Aloha Kona Series:
(Used by HGTV as Parrot Cove™ in Fashionable Fuchsia, Neon Treasures, & Purple Genius)
6-8", Spread 10-14"
Medium compact, semi-upright growth, with big tropical colored blooms

HGTV Home™ Plant Collection
Fashionable Fuchsia

Calibrachoa Parrot Cove™ Cream, Geranium So Lovely!™ Pink, Petunia Sweetunia® Fuchsia Queen™, Verbena Garden Bauble™ Peach

Neon Treasure
Calibrachoa Parrot Cove™ Mango, Geranium So Amazing!™ Neon, Petunia Sweetunia® Fuchsia Queen™, Verbena Garden Bauble™ Peach

Purple Genius
Calibrachoa Parrot Cove™ True Blue,  Petunia Suddenly Suave™ Blue Sky, Verbena Empress® Flair Violet Blue, Bacopa Bahia White

Aloha Series:

Height 6-10", Spread 12-16"
Semi-upright habit, medium vigor, with big tropical colored blooms

Aloha Tiki Series:

Height 6-10", Spread 12-16"
Feature dark red centers

Hula Series:
(Used by HGTV as Tie-Dye Nation™ in Mother Knows Best)
8-12", Spread 12-18"
Bi-colored blooms with a "hoop" of color at the throat. Semi-upright habit.

HGTV Home™ Plant Collection
Mother Knows Best
Calibrachoa Tie-Dye Nation™ Hot Pink, Euphorbia Stardust Superflash, Geranium So Amazing!™ Neon, Verbena Garden Bauble™ Pink Charm

  • This Dümmen Red Fox Calibrachoa Aloha Series has a medium compact, semi-upright growth, big flowers and tropical colors.
  • HGTV Home™ Plant changed their name From Aloha Kona to Parrot Cove™ and from Hula Hot Pink to Tie-Dye Nation™
  • The Aloha, Aloha Kona, Aloha Tiki, as well as Hula are part of our 4.5" Garden Exclusives line!

HGTV 1 Gallon Annual UPC: 7-26694-50180-6
(Ships as 6 - Gallon Pots per flat)
HGTV 14" Hanging Basket UPC: 7-26694-50174-5
HGTV 14" Patio Planter UPC: 7-26694-50172-1

4.5" Garden Exclusives UPC: 7-26694-30450-6
(Ships as 10 - 4.5" Pots per flat)

10" Premium Hanging Basket UPC: 7-26694-30025-6
10" Watering Can Planter UPC: 7-26694-50040-3
12" Patio Planter, Premium UPC:7-26694-30073-7
13" Gift Basket Planter UPC: 7-26694-50169-1
14" Coco Moss Hanging Basket UPC: 7-26694-50057-1
14" Cone Rope Hanging Basket UPC: 7-26694-50035-9
14" Patio Planter, Combinations UPC: 7-26694-50006-9
14" Square Braided Hanging Basket UPC: 7-26694-30069-0
17" Square Patio Planter UPC: 7-26694-50229-2
20" Coco Moss Hanging Basket UPC: 7-26694-30077-5

Height: 6-12 in
Spread: 12-16 in
Spacing: 10-16 in
Color: Blue, Coral, Multi-Color, Orange, Pink, Purple, Raspberry

Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Visit for more information on this series

Available In:

10" Watering Can Planter
12" Black Square Patio Planter, Combo
12" Patio Planter, Premium
13" Gift Basket Planter
14" Patio Planter, Combinations
17" Square Patio Planter
10" Premium Baskets
14" Coco Moss, Combinations
14" Cone Rope, Combinations
14" Square Braided, Combinations
20" Coco Moss, Combinations
4.5" Garden Exclusives
HGTV Quarts
HGTV Quarts
HGTV Gallons
HGTV Gallons
HGTV 14" Patio Planter
HGTV 14" Hanging Basket

Characteristics & Attributes for Calibrachoa Aloha & Hula & Parrot Cove™ or Million Bells, HGTV:


  • Full Sun

Seasonal Program:

  • Spring


  • Trailing
  • Mounding
  • Upright


  • Blooms all Season
  • Fast Growing
  • Long Blooming
  • No Deadheading
  • Container
  • Hanging Basket
  • Low Maintenance

Foliage Color:

  • Dark Green

Attracts Wildlife:

  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Attracts Hummingbirds

Soil Moisture:

  • Average Water

Season of Interest (Flowering):

  • Spring
  • Summer

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