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14" Hanging Basket Coco Moss Sun

Availability & Ordering

How it Works

  • Availability is first come, first serve and is updated every Saturday afternoon. We do our best to get availability out as soon as possible, we appreciate your patience.
  • Orders are due by Monday at 12:00 noon (EST) the week of delivery. Email is preferred. Timeliness is critical for us to schedule deliveries efficiently.
  • We do not set aside most pre-orders in advance. It is ideal to wait and place your order until you receive the most current availability.
  • An item listed with 0 availability is not ready or is in-between crops. Please only order product that is available. We will do our best to notify you of shortages.
  • Minimums: total order: 3 racks. Each product category: 1 shelf (ex: 3.5 Accent Plants, 12 packs = 1 shelf, so 12 packs is minimum for that category. May be different varieties within the category.
  • Flats and small pots ship in pack quantities and are listed that way, you must order by number of packs, not individual pots.
  • Order changes and add-ons must be kept to a minimum, once an order is “in process” we cannot make changes.
  • If you have any specific requests, multiple orders per week, particular delivery days or times needed, please give us advanced notice, we will try to accommodate.
  • Racks are for delivering only. Do not hold or use for display, they must be returned when we come to pick them up – which may be prior to your next delivery.

How to Order

Click on the heading "ordering availability" below - a file will open or show that it has been downloaded.
Open the excel file and click on the screen
Complete your company name, contact info, order date, delivery or pickup and requested day.
Scroll down and fill out your order on the availability form.
   - available items will have a number by them.
   - items that are not ready or unavailable will have a 0 and can't be ordered.
   - items listed as S.O. are sold out.
To save your file go to the file button on the top left and click save as - remember where you save it and the name of the file.
To check the required minimum has been met scroll to the last page of the order form, you will see a summary sheet with the rack quantity total.
Orders for delivery require a 3 rack minimum. Orders that do not meet the minimum will be charged $50 per rack that is below.
To email your file:
   - click the sales email link below
   - attach the order by clicking on the paperclip icon, locate the file in the place where it was saved.
   - enter a subject in the subject line
   - hit send