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Tomato - 5 Large

Tom-Black Krim, Boxcar Willie, Champion or Cherokee Purple, Mountain Pride, Sweet Seedless

Tomato Black Krim

Tomato Black Krim (Heirloom)
(4.0" HH)
This Heirloom tomato produces flattened, juicy fruit with delivate skin.
69 - 90 days
8-12 oz Fruit that is Violet Red with Black Shoulders

Tomato Boxcar Willie (Heirloom)
(4.0" HH)
This Heirloom tomato produces juicy, slightly flattened fruit.
75 days  
10-12 oz Red Fruit

Tomato Champion II
(4.0" HH, 1 Gallon HH, 3 Gallon HH, 1204)
This tomato produces meaty red fruit.
65 days
9-12 oz Red Fruit

Tomato Cherokee Purple (Heirloom)
(4.0" HH)
This complex flavored Heirloom tomato produces fruit perfect for slicing and sandwiches.
75-85 days 
8-12 oz Dusky Red Fruit

Tomato Mountain Pride (Determinate)
(4.0" HH)
This crack resistant tomato produces large, globe shaped fruit.
74 days  
10 oz Orangish-Red Fruit

Tomato Sweet Seedless
(1 Gallon HH)
High on flavor with a balance of meat and juice without any seeds!
68-70 days
8-10 oz Red Fruit

HH= Healthy Harvest
Only tomatoes that are notated are Heirloom
All tomatoes are Indeterminate unless notated as Determinate

4.0" Healthy Harvest Vegetable UPC: 7-26694-30096-6
(Ships as 10 - 4.0" Pots per flat)
1 Gallon Healthy Harvest Vegetable UPC: 7-26694-30084-3
(Ships as 6 - 1 Gallon Pots per flat)
3 Gallon Tomato (with cage) UPC: 7-26694-50005-2
1204 Vegetable Flat (12 packs of 4) UPC: 7-26694-50003-8

Characteristics & Attributes for Tom-Black Krim, Boxcar Willie, Champion or Cherokee Purple, Mountain Pride, Sweet Seedless:


  • Full Sun

Seasonal Program:

  • Spring


  • Upright


  • Edible

Foliage Color:

  • Green

Soil Moisture:

  • Average Water

Vegetable Plant Type:

  • Heirloom
  • Indeterminate (Vine like)
  • Determinate (Bush like)

Fruit Color:

  • Violet Red with Black Shoulders

Tomato Fruit Size:

  • Extra Large (10 oz - 1 pound)
  • Large (8 - 12 oz)

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