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Medium Large

Tomato - 4 Medium Large

Tom-BetterBoy, Bonny Best,Celebrity, GoldenJubilee or Husky Red, Jet Star, Lemon Boy, Pink Girl

Tomato Better Boy

Tomato Better Boy
(4.0" HH, 1 Gallon HH, 3 Gallon HH, 1204)
This high yielding tomato matures in approx.
75 days 
8 oz Red Fruit

Tomato Bonny Best (Heirloom)
(4.0" HH)
This Heirloom tomato has few seed & is ideal for slicing and canning. 
75 days 
8 oz Red Fruit 

Tomato Celebrity  (Determinate)
(4.0" HH, 1204)
This AAS Winning tomato produces glossy fruit.
70 days 
8 oz Red Fruit

Tomato Golden Jubilee
(1 Gallon HH)
This AAS Winning tomato is round, smooth, & meaty with very few seeds, mild flavor, and low acidity.
80 days  
6-7 oz Yellow-Orange fruit

Tomato Husky Red
(1 Gallon HH)
These tomatoes grow on a dwarf-like indeterminate vine.
68 days
5-7 oz Red Fruit 

Tomato Jet Star
(4.0" HH)
This tomato produces high yields 
72 days 
6-8 oz Red Fruit

Tomato Lemon Boy
(4.0" HH, 1204)
This tomato resists many diseases over a long harvest
72 days  
7 oz
Yellow Fruit

Tomato Pink Girl
(4.0" HH, 1 Gallon HH)
This tomato produces large, juicy that is resistant to cracking.
76 days  
8 oz Pink Fruit 

HH= Healthy Harvest
Only tomatoes that are notated are
All tomatoes are Indeterminate unless notated as Determinate

4.0" Healthy Harvest Vegetable UPC: 7-26694-30096-6
(Ships as 10 - 4.0" Pots per flat)
1 Gallon Healthy Harvest Vegetable UPC: 7-26694-30084-3
(Ships as 6 - 1 Gallon Pots per flat)

3 Gallon Tomato (with cage) UPC: 7-26694-50005-2
1204 Vegetable Flat 
(12 packs of 4) UPC: 7-26694-50003-8

Characteristics & Attributes for Tom-BetterBoy, Bonny Best,Celebrity, GoldenJubilee or Husky Red, Jet Star, Lemon Boy, Pink Girl:


  • Full Sun

Seasonal Program:

  • Spring


  • Upright


  • Edible

Foliage Color:

  • Green

Soil Moisture:

  • Average Water

Vegetable Plant Type:

  • Heirloom
  • Indeterminate (Vine like)
  • Determinate (Bush like)

Fruit Color:

  • Red
  • Yellowish Orange
  • Yellow

Tomato Fruit Size:

  • Medium Large (6 - 8 oz)

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