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Spiralis & Blue Mohawk


Grass - Corkscrew Rush & Blue Mohawk

4.5" Proven Winner, Grass - Juncus Blue Mohawk [PW Photo]

Juncus Blue Mohawk (inflexus)
This tall straight grass is a great thriller in your container or landscape, but works well as a water plant as well.  To control growth in your water areas, plant in a tub or container, sunk into the "mud" to limit spreading.
Height: 24-36 in
Spread: 8-12 in
Spacing: 8-12 in

Juncus Curly Wurly - Corkscrew Rush (effuses)
This curly grass has a mind of its own! Works well not only in containers and landscaping, it can also be used in boggy areas. Plant in a tub or container to eliminate unwanted spreading by rhisomes. Use alone or as a compliment to other plants.
Height: 12-18 in
Spread: 16-20 in
Spacing: 16-20 in

4.5" Proven Winner Grass: 7-26694-50112-7
(Ships as 10 - 4.5" Pots per flat)

Height: 10-36 in
Spread: 8-16 in
Spacing: 8-18 in
Hardiness Zone: 5a-11b

Available In:

4.5 Proven Winners

Characteristics & Attributes for Grass - Corkscrew Rush & Blue Mohawk:


  • Full Sun
  • Partial Sun

Seasonal Program:

  • Spring


  • Mounding


  • Container
  • Great Foliage
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Deadheading
  • Rock Garden
  • Border or Bed
  • Edging
  • Heat Tolerant
  • Mass Planting
  • Ornamental Grass
  • Water's Edge / Bog Plant

Foliage Color:

  • Green

Soil Moisture:

  • Water Garden
  • Average Water
  • Wet Soil/Wetlands

Season of Interest (Foliage):

  • Summer
  • Fall